Make Do art studio was founded by two friends who share a love of making art with children. We hold camps and classes in at our studio in SE Portland, Oregon in the Foster-Powell neighborhood.


Ashley Asbjornsen

Ashley holds a BA in Arts EducationShe comes from a long line of makers and doers and from an early age found a deep appreciation for handwork and the satisfaction that comes with creating something by yourself.  Ashley looks forward every day to empower children through art and is dedicated to helping children embrace their capabilities through their inherent curiosities. Most days you can find her crafting around the table with her girls ages 7 and 9 or out thrifting for craft supplies to spark her next creative project for your children! 


Michelle Lamanet

Michelle holds a BA in Art and spends her days working as an illustrator and tending to her family and garden. She has worked with kids for most of her life, and thinks nothing is better than hanging out with a gaggle of kids, making art and hearing their ideas. She wholeheartedly believes in process based art and giving kids the freedom to create and get messy. You will find her searching for the perfect swimming hole, or around her table sharing food and making art with her kids, ages 7 and 11.